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The Jesus Wife Papyrus
The Jesus Wife Papyrus


For a little background on this, you can check out these two short videos by Simcha Jacobovici:

Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.
Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.

Of Interest to our well-being

Sorry for the long absence. Lately, I have been struggling with depression. A depression stemming from “enormous changes at the  last minute” all across every area of my life: love relationships, finances, and career. I do not suffer depression gladly and do everything I can to move through it “upwardly” and not let it become like emotional quicksand.

Last week, I realized that as soon as I was done meditating and doing prayer work and doing visualizations, my thoughts would so easily slip right back down to a dangerously low level of vibration. Danger in the sense that I did not want them to remain my point of magnetic attraction. I knew that I needed to somehow get my thoughts vibrating at a higher frequency and then keep them there if I hoped to conquer this urge to feel depressed. And that’s when I added the 528 Hz frequency to my meditation time. Eureka…

The above is excerpted from the Edge of God Ministry blog site. The complete post is here.

Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.
Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.

960 Minutes

Based on the idea that we sleep 8 hours a night, we are focused here, awake, in the physical for 960 minutes at a stretch.

960 minutes to figure it all out, to get it right, and then go back to sleep — retreat to that greater awareness, that “place” where there is no time or space and where 8 hours might mean, what? A moment? A hundred days? Nothing at all?

That “place” where it’s all clear to us — what we’re doing here in the physical, who we know, how we’re related, what we’re trying to figure out, while depriving ourselves of what we actually know, for 960 minutes.

Someone who might be our BFF in that other “place,” is our prime antagonist here; a stranger wearing a disguise that perhaps inspires loathing in us for 960 minutes. Then…back to being BFFs, as we compare notes about what we learned or what we fell short of learning; what we will focus on when we re-focus for another 960 minutes (what we loosely call “tomorrow,” which is always “now”).

Who else is a stranger to us here? The love of our lives, of many lifetimes, perhaps; now just a flicker of intensity when, as strangers this time, our paths cross, our eyes meet? For 960 minutes the love of our lives becomes the stranger on the train this time around.

And what about that lifetime where the love of our lives became our Siamese twin? In the other place, we said, “Let’s choose a lifetime where we can always be together.” Then, after the endless, inextricable bodily connection with no way out: “Let’s just be strangers on a train next time.”

960 minutes of being here every day, wherever here is; 960 minutes of trying to figure it out, to get it right, to have that breakthrough, or maybe to just have “had enough” finally of the physical body, the classroom of the body, the projections of the mind onto an alleged 3-dimensional space. Death is just graduation from the classroom of the physical.

Are you mourning the death of someone or something you really cherished this time? Take heart that you are only separated for 960 minutes at a stretch. Death means going on to the next thing, or deciding to choose a body again and taking the next level of the 960 minute class.

Take heart in whatever you’re facing today. It is only real for 960 minutes.

Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.
Pause. Notice. Listen. God is here.

The Feast of St. Stephen

Yesterday, Christmas Day, was a time to allow all the joy that has built in us through the season to culminate in the true JOY over the creation of mankind as creative, wholly capable of being joyfully fulfilled.

Today, St. Stephen’s Day, reminds us that the year we’ve just lived through has changed us; we are different now from who we were; we are ready to commit to the paving of a new road, a new path, a new journey.

“You who are beloved of God are wholly blessed.” 

A Course in Miracles

St. Stephen
St. Stephen, patron saint of deacons

St. Stephen was accused by his enemies of blasphemy against Moses and against God. He was tried before the Sanhedrin and the Jewish people were enraged by his words. While on trial, St. Stephen experienced a theophany. He looked to heaven and said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God” (Acts 7:56). At this, the infuriated mob charged St. Stephen and cast him out of the town where he was stoned to death. At the hands of his foes, St. Stephen cried out to the Lord to not condemn his enemies.